Sony E-Reader – Reading Device of the Future

For years, Sony has been an industry leader in all things digital. From TV’s, VCRs and DVD players to computers and gaming systems, Sony is a name that instills confidence in all of its customers. The Sony e-book reader is no exception. Sony has taken that same pursuit of excellence that the industry has come to expect and applied it to the creation of the world’s best e-book readers. Many would argue that Sony has the best reader systems available and their customers would agree. With a combination of the newest technologies and a commitment to customer satisfaction, it is obvious why Sony sets the standard.  sony 55x75k

When Sony makes an e-book device, they make one that is compact and easy to carry but at the same time holds hundreds of e-books, up to 350 is most cases. Certain Sony e-book readers are even capable of playing mp3 and aac audio files, so you can enjoy information, whether it is text based or an audio book. Some of these devices can even be used to view GIF and PNG files, so images show up with crystal clarity. Every electronic book reader produced by Sony has access to the internet and a variety of online bookstores. Simply stated, you can download the newest books at competitive prices as soon as they become available.

Each Sony e-book reader uses the latest in 2.0 e-book library software and since they are compatible with both Mac and PCs, you won’t need to go to a different company just because your computer is not compatible. Just to make things easier on the electronic book novice, Sony products uses an electronic paper design. Basically, when you download an e-book onto a Sony e-reader, the digital image looks much like the actual pages of a book. Sony does this because it helps people adapt to new technology. That devotion to the customer is the main reason that Sony produces the best e-book reader systems on the planet.


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